33 Modern Brick Mailbox Designs and Ideas

Modern Brick Mailbox

One of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is to invest in a brick mailbox. They’re an excellent statement feature to add to your front porch or position next to your front gate!

But what do you need to know about picking and installing brick mailboxes?
Keep reading to learn the A–Zs of modern brick mailbox designs and ideas. If you want a custom brick mailbox, you can always count on the HB ELEMENTS for your exterior home upgrades!

Understanding Brick Mailbox Design: An Overview

Before we peruse some fantastic mailbox designs available, let’s understand more about the brick mailbox.

What is a Brick Mailbox Design?

A brick mailbox design comes in many options. It can be built into a brick wall, gate, or column in your front porch or garden. Or, you can build a brick mailbox for a strong and durable structure.

Elements of a Brick Mailbox Design

A brick mailbox can feature just one slot with a hatch to collect your mail from or it can have two sides. If you install a brick mailbox into your gate, the slot is on the outside and you collect your mail from the inside. You can also get brick mailboxes with parcel hatches to keep your larger mail safe!

Best Practices for the Structural Integrity of a Brick Mailbox Design

To ensure you get the best result from your brick mailbox installation, you should enlist the help of a professional. They can create a hole in your brick structure to replace or install a mailbox without compromising the structural integrity of the wall, pillar, or column.

If you’re building one from scratch, it will be easier to take a DIY approach—but you must read up on bricklaying before you start, and always start with a concrete foundation.

Discover 33 Contemporary Ideas for Brick Mailbox Designs

Let’s explore some of the fun, creative, and useful brick mailbox designs you can choose from!

Elegant Brick Mailbox With a Light On Top

If you’re going for a classic look, this elegant brick mailbox will create a stately feel to your home’s exterior. And the light feature can help you find your way to your porch in the dark hours.

Modern Brick Mailbox

Stepped Pyramid Mailbox

The stepped pyramid design might be a cool choice if you’re looking for a particularly fun and creative mailbox! This beautiful design is great for unique landscaping in your front yard.

Eyebrow Arch Mailbox

This mailbox has a semi-circle shape on the top, usually in the shape of a curved rooftop. It is a classic design and blends seamlessly with any home aesthetic.

Steeple Top Mailbox

The steeple-top mailbox has a pointed top, creating a more chic and sleek look. This is the perfect choice for a more contemporary home.

Corner Wall Mailbox

A corner wall mailbox is designed to slot into a corner wall seamlessly, providing a convenient spot for your letters and parcels, while working with a difficult structure!

Quoin Corners Mailbox

Quoin corner mailboxes match the natural grooves of a home’s exterior to ensure seamless installation—without being too distracting!

Vertical Brick Mailbox With a Small Garden Box

This mailbox is a very straightforward vertical design—it even comes with a small garden box for your favorite plants, flowers, and herbs.

Cast Stone Number Black Mailbox

This mailbox is a decorative stone mailbox with a rustic feel, even displaying your house number for easier deliveries! Perfect for a home with a classic rustic feel.

Vertical Mailbox With a Double Planter Design

What’s better than one planter box? Two planter boxes! This design features plenty of room for potting your flowers and plants.

Brass Number Plate Mailbox

This is a beautiful statement and vintage mailbox with a gorgeous brass number plate. With this design, you can display your house numbers in a quaint and old-fashioned manner.

Traditional Arch Mailbox With Planter Box

Arch mailboxes are perfect for cottages, and this brick mailbox allows you to install your favorite plants in its gorgeous planter box.

Cast Stone Cap Mailbox

Perfect for a more suburban and modern house, the cast-stone cap mailbox has a neat appearance. The top brick mailbox is pointed, with straight lines for a tidy and clean look.

Traditional Design Mailbox With Double Planters

A traditional mailbox could be the perfect choice for your home, but you can also spice it up by opting for double planters—creating a more lush landscape in your front yard.

Lockable Security Mailbox

Security is everything with all the parcel pirates out there! Opting for a lockable mailbox will help protect you from those package raiders!

Traditional Vertical Arch Mailbox With Mail Hatch

A vertical arch mailbox has a traditional feel with an elegant design. You can even opt for a lock on your mail hatch to prevent mail theft.

Standard Mailbox With Newspaper Holders

A newspaper holder will stop your paper from getting wet from any morning rain before you reach your mailbox!

Vertical Mailbox With Stepped Base

A stepped base is perfect for adding texture to your standard vertical mailbox, creating more intricacy in your standard brick-and-mortar design.

Modern Brick Mailbox

Rusticle Bicycle Mailbox

If you’re a quirky person who loves kitschy designs, this bicycle mailbox is perfect!

Concrete Step Design Mailbox

Concrete is excellent if you want to reduce the brick mailbox cost—you can also create some beautiful designs!

Ombre Colored Mailbox

If you want to create more variety and excitement with your mailbox, you can opt for a color gradient that will spice up any plain mailbox design.

Colorful Brickwork Mailbox

Colorful brickwork can create a fun spectacle in your neighborhood and make your home stand out!

Modern Mailbox With Hanging Planter

If you have a chic and modern home, you’ll want a minimalistic mailbox, but you can still add more beauty with a hanging planter!

Modern Mailbox

A modern mailbox is sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist—perfect if you’re going for a more elegant home aesthetic.

Granite Mailbox Post

Granite is a unique and old-fashioned material—perfect if you want a chateau or cottage-like feel to your home’s exterior.

Arched-Top Double Mailbox

An arched-top double mailbox is perfect for storing more than one occupant’s mail and has a classic look with the round top.

Wood and Iron Mailbox

Wood and iron add a modern and industrial look to your home’s exterior and can upgrade the aesthetic of any home type!

Gothic-style Mailbox

Like to live on the darker side of life? You’ll love a gothic-style mailbox. Perhaps a few gargoyles are in order.

Shiplap-style Mailbox

The shiplap-style mailbox is unique, with standout materials that create a nautical feel. Perfect for a vacation home near the harbor.

Oversized Mailbox

If you have many occupants in your home and receive a lot of mail, you’ll need a large mailbox. This oversized mailbox is a perfect choice.

Fall Decor-style Mailbox With Flowers

Fall is a magical time; you can create a festive seasonal look with this gorgeous mailbox. Add a few sunflowers and you’ll be feeling that pumpkin-spice spirit.

Christmas-style Mailbox

With this festive Christmas mailbox, you can use your mailbox as a Christmas decoration in your front yard. Just remember to leave some cookies inside for Santa!

Lighthouse-shaped Mailbox

If you’re looking for the perfect beach house mailbox, why not try this lighthouse-shaped mailbox? It’s perfect for adding a little nautical theme to your home.

Brickwork Column Mailbox

Intricate brickwork is exquisite and worth investing in for a column mailbox.

How to Replace a Mailbox


Brick mailboxes are a great way to improve your curb appeal, but they might be a little tricky to install without some help from professionals. You can pick from plenty of fun, classic, and elegant designs when choosing a mailbox—and you can have fun browsing!

At HB ELEMENTS, we can help you install a mailbox, improve the look of your home’s exterior, and create your dream home. Contact us today to learn more about our services!