Rebuilding Your Oceanfront DreamHouse

Oceanfront homes are largely exposed to elements that cause wear andtear. Mostly on the exterior where the paint peels off, the wood finishingsplits, rots and begins to fall off. It is for this reason that you need torefurbish your oceanfront home from time to time.

At Hardie Boy, we manufacture various types of exterior architectural work.Our work is not only outstanding in beauty but durable too. We manufactureproducts that are high quality, durable, and weather-resistant. Come rain orsun, they will not split, rot or fall off.

The outdoor of an oceanfront home and the features on it is the perfectbackdrop of your home. It is what attracts and captures the attention ofeveryone who visits. The way these features are designed and the finishingused goes a long way in enhancing the appeal and value of your home.

It is for this reason; we at Hardie Boys ensure that we use resilient attractiveproducts to refurbish your oceanfront home.

What do our products consist of?

1.Durability that stands out.

The search for materials and productsfor exterior work may have taken you to iron, wood, aluminum, brick,plaster, and foam. No doubt these materials are the most commonlyused in exterior construction. You could be unsure about using newmaterials such as the PVC materials we use in making our products,but it is worth trying. PVC products are beautiful, quality, and durablewithout exaggerating any of the facts. They not only make your oldbeach home look new but they protect it from the wear and tearbrought by climatic conditions.

2.Resistance to all effects of weather.

Materials such as metal andhardwood are durable and strong but they need a lot of treatmentsbefore they can be used for exterior applications. If not properlytreated, wood will get affected by moisture eventually cracking androtting. Metal will rust and corrode under intense moisture and end upbreaking after a period of time. Replacement is left as the only optionover time. Compared to PVC cellular material that we use in all ourproducts, it is resistant to moisture, heat and will not corrode overtime. Therefore, PVC stands out as the best material to use in yourexterior refurbishing of your beach home.

3.Resistance to pests and diseases.

Termites are some of the mostdestructive creatures ever existed in history. Homes at the beach arenot exempt from these creatures. Because of the warm environmentaround the beach, termites thrive reproducing in millions every year. Inmost cases, termites have been unstoppable no matter how muchpesticides and treatments are used. After termites have feasted on thewood, your only option is to replace it. This is a huge expense to mosthomeowners because of the amount of wood used in a home. PVC istermite resistant! Not just the termites but it is resistant to any pestand disease.

We at Hardie Boys believe we have the solution for durable modern homes inthis day and age. Our discovery of the PVC has enabled many homeownersto cut the costs of refurbishments by using our products. It is a one-timeinvestment that covers your home for the rest of your life. No morespending!


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