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Columns are a structural component created of wood, aluminum, steel or stone to support a beam carrying the load of a floor or roof. PVC columns are decorative wraps that surround a  structural post or column in order to emulate a wood structural column while giving a finished architectural look. To be clear PVC columns are typically 4 sided, square, and are hollow inside made with the intention to wrap the structural component.

  • Impervious to moisture, bugs, and rotting.
  • Protects the structural element
  • Easily installed by homeowners or carpenters
12" 18" 24" 30" 36"
3” 4”
3 ½” 4”
4” 4”
5” 4”
5 ½” 4”
6” 4”
3” 5 ½”
3 ½” 5 ½”
4” 5 ½”
4 ½” 5 ½”
5” 5 ½”
5 ½” 5 ½”
6” 5 ½”
3” 7 ½”
3 ½” 7 ½”
4” 7 ½”
4 ½” 7 ½”
5” 7 ½”
5 ½” 7 ½”
6” 7 ½”
3” 9 ½”
3 ½” 9 ½”
4” 9 ½”
4 ½” 9 ½”
5” 9 ½”
5 ½” 9 ½”
6” 9 ½”
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Why Use PVC Column Wraps?

These columns are made to be decorative but serve a major purpose, to protect the structural element they surround from the elements for longevity. It is very costly to repair or replace a structural column so these decorative wraps are very important in reducing maintenance and replacement cost for columns.

What Are Advantages Of Using PVC Column Wraps?

Another advantage of a PVC column is the ability to create a column with tremendous amounts of options in size and scale all while being impervious to moisture, bugs and rott. There really is no size that can’t be created in height and width so they are the most versatile designer column on the market.

How To Install PVC Column Wrap?

PVC Columns can easily be installed by a carpenter or a homeowner with little skill and some standard tools. Visit our Hardie Boys videos page to learn more about PVC Installation and view our product videos.

A PVC Column Wrap Made For Your Home

With the diversity in architectural styles there are many different designs and types of columns, like Box, Chamfered, Tapered, Raised Panel, Recess Panel. All of these columns can be detailed with a variety of bases, astragals, and capitals. These three components are the additional details that dress up a column but are not mandatory to have in designing the column of your choice, It is important to note that all columns can be dressed up with a pedestal and as you will see in our catalog they come in many different sizes and styles as well. All the components and columns can be interchanged to create a column that fits your style, size, and needs.

How Do I Order PVC Column Wraps?

The ordering of any of the HB Elements from Hardie Boys is a very simple process that has been designed to create convenience. The most commonly used option is, to email us a PDF set of plans of your home, then call and discuss with one of our representatives. You may also pick a HB Element design from the catalog and a size from the options available and submit an email to [email protected] or you can also use our contact form below.

If you rather speak to someone right away, please call us at (954) 784-8216