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rafter tail rendering

Rafter Tails

Rafter tails are the exposed exterior portion of a building’s wood structural truss that projects beyond the perimeter wall of the structure. This structural element is secured to the top of the wall or tie beam and then projects to support the soffit overhang.

pvc column sample | HB ELEMENTS


PVC columns are decorative wraps that surround a structural post or column in order to emulate a wood structural column while giving a finished architectural look. PVC columns are typically 4 sided, square, and are hollow inside made with the intention to wrap the structural component.

soffit panel for home exterior | HB ELEMENTS


A soffit system is inclusive of several components which are a fascia, soffit material, a covering to prevent exposure to elements such as tongue and groove, aluminum paneling, cement fiber, wood, and stucco. As well as a frieze board and in some architectural styles they include a rafter tail and a frieze board.

pvc grille sample | HB ELEMENTS


Louvers are not seen typically in modern architecture for any other reason than simply put, a technical device used to allow air movement while keeping out snow and rain.

pvc bracket sample | HB ELEMENTS


Architectural PVC brackets from HB Elements are incredibly durable, lightweight, and easy to install. Yet they perfectly replicate the elegant look of the traditional wood brackets that distinguish classic homes built from the Coastal U.S. to the Caribbean.

pvc pergola design for coastal homes | HB ELEMENTS

Vinyl Pergolas-Trellis

Our unique Vinyl Pergolas and Trellis come in an easy to install kit and have, as all of our products, a variety of design details to create a unique structure. The beauty is in the simplicity of design and installation.

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