pvc column sample | Hardie Boys


HB columns are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles accompanied by 3 variety of astragals and bases, ideal for wrapping existing structural wood, steel or masonry. HB columns cannot serve as the structural attachment for railings.

pvc grille sample | Hardie Boys


They come in a variety of styles with varied applications. The function is to provide shade while allowing breezes to circulate in these living areas. Regardless of location, the overall result is a significant enhancement in the comfort and ambiance of outdoor spaces.

pvc bracket sample | Hardie Boys


HB Brackets, though non-structural, stay true to the design and proportioning of traditional load bearing wood brackets. The versatility of cellular PVC and HB innovation in manufacturing processes enable us to achieve great flexibility in design and scale. Even our largest brackets are relatively light weight, resulting in easier installation.

pvc pergola design for coastal homes | Hardie Boys


Pergolas and Trellis, an architectural structure, usually made from an open framework or lattice of intersecting pieces is an incredible option to improve the look of the home as well as adding outdoor living square footage.

soffit panel for home exterior | Hardie Boys


The v-grooved soffit panel and rafter tails create the appearance of a traditional timber framed roof with tongue and groove roof decking, allowing many design options to accommodate specific design needs.

rafter tail rendering

Rafter Tails

Rafter tails are the exposed exterior portion of a building’s wood structural truss that projects beyond the perimeter wall of the structure.