15 Types of Mailboxes: What to Choose

Types of Mailboxes

The choices can become overwhelming when you’re in the market for a new mailbox! There are so many fantastic mailbox types to choose from, which makes selecting one even more challenging.

Luckily, this guide will help you understand your home’s mailbox options.
Keep reading to learn about the different types of mailboxes and the benefits of each. At HB ELEMENTS, we offer services in Florida to help you upgrade your home’s exterior, including mailboxes. Please browse our site today to learn more!

Discover The Perfect Mailbox Material For Your Home!

Before choosing a mailbox type, you need to understand the materials that are available. Choosing the most suitable material will help ensure that your mailbox lasts and won’t become weathered and worn over time.

Wooden Mailboxes

Wooden mailboxes are fashionable and can give a rustic feel to your driveway. However, wooden mailboxes are susceptible to rot and warping over time, especially in humid or wet climates. So, if you’re looking for a mailbox that will stand the test of time, wood might not be your best choice.

Metal Mailboxes

A metal mailbox makes an excellent choice for security. A metal mailbox will provide the strength necessary to keep others out of your mailbox. However, you’ll also need to consider that metal can rust. Metal may not be your best option if you live in a wet climate.

Plastic Mailboxes

Plastic or PVC mailboxes are highly durable and will stand the test of time! You can choose from many fake wood grain PVC types to get a natural look, enabling you to style your mailbox to suit you. However, you may need more security with a plastic mailbox, as someone might break through the plastic—ensure that you opt for a solid and robust mailbox if you live in a high-crime area.

Types of Mailboxes

6 Fantastic Functions For Your Mailbox!

Now that you know a little about the best materials for your mailbox, let’s look at add-ons. These add-ons can help you create the desired function for your mailbox, from increased security to more accessibility.

Interlocking Mailboxes

Interlocking mailboxes are the perfect choice for an apartment mailbox. All residents can keep their mail in the lobby, and the mailboxes slot together to ensure you’re using the space efficiently.

Anti-pry Mailboxes

Anti-pry mailboxes stop anyone from prying open the mailbox door using a crowbar or tool. These mailboxes are ideal for offices and commercial spaces, where extra security is required to secure client and customer data is kept safe.

Newspaper Mailboxes

Newspaper mailboxes are designed to allow a mailman or delivery person to slot a newspaper into your mailbox without leaving it open. You’ll need to keep your newspaper dry if you live somewhere wet. You can also opt for a newspaper mailbox for your larger parcels.

Outgoing Mailboxes

Outgoing mailboxes need an accessible slot for outgoing mail but should not allow anyone to take anything from the box without a key. Therefore, they feature a small slot for small parcels and letters, but there is no way to retrieve this mail without a key.

Rear Access Mailboxes

Rear access mailboxes are perfect for properties with gated security. The mailbox only allows a person to receive mail from one side of the mailbox. The mail slots are on one side of the gate, and the access is on the other side.

Locking Mailboxes

Locking mailboxes is an excellent idea for driveways and freestanding mailboxes, allowing you to keep your mail safe at all times. Only the person with the key can access the mail once it is in the mailbox. A mail slot will allow delivery, while nobody can remove anything without the key.

Types of Mailboxes

Explore These 15 Different Types Of Mailboxes

Now, let’s get down to the different types of mailboxes for incoming and outgoing mail. Read the information below to understand which mailboxes are suitable for your home or commercial property.

Mail Slots

Mail slots are mailboxes that fit straight into your door. The delivery person will slot your incoming mail directly through the hole in your door and it will be secure in your home until you’re back.

Wall-mounted Mailboxes

Wall-mounted mailboxes are a great option if you do not have a mail slot on your door. You can attach wall-mount mailboxes to your home’s exterior door or the wall beside your door. The courier will deliver mail through the mail slot, and the person receiving it can collect it from the box using a key.

Post-mounted Mailboxes

Post-mounted mailboxes have a convenient post that lifts the mailbox to a reasonable height, allowing the mailbox to be visible. If you have a long driveway, consider using post-mount mailboxes to make delivery more convenient for your mailman.

Pedestal-mounted Mailboxes

Pedestal-mounted mailboxes are very similar to post-mounted mailboxes, only they have a pedestal rather than a post. A post is secured in the ground, making it more secure in the wind. A pedestal makes your mailbox portable, so you can place it anywhere you like or change its position as you please.

Collection Mailboxes

Collection boxes are a type of mailbox that allows you to send outgoing mail. They are typically freestanding mailboxes with a slot for collection. They are usually made of metal and secured to the ground for security purposes. You insert your outgoing mail into the slot ready for your mailman or courier service to collect and deliver to your person of choice. You will see collection boxes in most neighborhoods and towns and they are sometimes located outside storefronts and gas stations.

Column Mount Mailboxes

Column-mount mailboxes are designed to fit inside an existing structure, like a stone wall or column. You will see column-mount mailboxes in various sizes, but only the front access will be visible. The mail slots will allow you to store your mail inside the column or wall, and you can retrieve your mail using a key or door. You can also opt for rear access column mount mailboxes for your security gate pillars.

Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers are an excellent way to order deliveries without giving out your address, helping you to remain anonymous online. You can buy a key for a parcel locker in your neighborhood and visit the locker to collect your mail. Your courier will have a key to your parcel box. If you worry about parcel theft in your community, a parcel box can provide you with a safe delivery option.

Package Drop Boxes

Package drop boxes typically operate using a code, allowing packages to be left safely outside your home. You can provide the courier with the code for your drop box in your delivery instructions. Then, once they have placed your package inside, they can relock the box and ensure your package waits safely outside your home for collection.

Cluster Mailboxes

A cluster mailbox is an excellent idea for an apartment mailbox. It provides multiple locking mailbox units in a single freestanding unit. This mailbox type can be suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with the right materials. Cluster mailboxes can also be helpful in a commercial property, allowing different businesses and departments to receive their mail separately.

Multi-tenant Mailboxes

Multi-tenant mailboxes are like cluster mailboxes, only they are wall-mounted mailboxes. They can be fixed to an interior or exterior wall, providing multiple mail slots for residents living in the same building.

Freestanding Mailboxes

A freestanding mailbox is a mailbox you do not need to secure to a wall. Instead, you can place the mailbox in any internal or external location.

Package Mailboxes

Package mailboxes have both mail slots and package delivery slots, allowing you to keep both your mail and packages safe and dry inside your mailbox until you’re ready to collect them. Typically, there is a mail slot on the top section of the package mailbox, supported by a pillar, and a package mailbox in the bottom chamber. If you do not like receiving wet boxes in the mail, this is likely a viable option.

Novelty Mailboxes

Novelty mailboxes are mailboxes with fun and whimsical patterns or features. If you want a gargoyle or Disney mailbox, you should choose a novelty mailbox. A novelty mailbox can add fun to your home’s exterior and is a great way to express some personality.

Roadside Mailboxes

Roadside mailboxes are freestanding mailboxes designed for homes with long driveways. Your homeowner’s association could make it mandatory for you to have a roadside mailbox—making it easier for your postman to get through his daily postal route.

Apartment Mailboxes

Apartment mailboxes are typically several wall-mount mailboxes, cluster mailboxes, or multi-tenant mailboxes stored on the building’s exterior or in the building’s internal lobby.

Types of Mailboxes


It can seem overwhelming when deciding which type of mailbox is right for you, your company, or your building. If you pay attention to the benefits and purposes of each mailbox type, however, you’ll find which suits you best. Each mailbox has a specific purpose, so you’ll only have a few options for your needs. If you need to access mailbox installation services, why not reach out to us at HB ELEMENTS? We’ve got your exterior design needs covered!