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Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Planning on getting trim for your windows? You need to check out these exterior window trim ideas that would be perfect for your home!

Planning on getting trim for your windows? You need to check out these exterior window trim ideas that would be perfect for your home!

When it comes to the exterior of your home, window trim can make your windows very attractive. You can go for bold color choices to make your windows pop, or trim that blends into the rest of your facade for a more subtle look.

Window trim isn’t just visually appealing; it also adds weatherproofing to your windows for snow, rain, and wind. They provide extra insulation whilst regulating how the light enters your home.

You should opt for a PVC trim over wood trim, as wood trim is prone to rot and wear and tear, requiring more maintenance.

Window trim doesn’t have to be boring, it can add so much to the exterior of your home if you get creative with your PVC trim.

Window trim serves more functions than you would think. They add character to your house and give a finishing touch to the facade of your home.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Home improvement is a booming industry right now, with the demand for contractors being met with more specialized contractors that can see the job through.

When choosing what kind of window trim to go for, it is important to evaluate the overall aesthetic of your home. Does your home have a classic or contemporary look? Does it have strong architectural features that you want to accentuate rather than distract from?

All windows can be framed in PVC trim material, so you can have more durable trim and avoid wood rot.

Here are some window trim ideas, and what kind of houses they are best suited for:

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Tone-On-Tone Trim

This type of trim is painted in a similar color to the rest of the house’s facade. This kind of trim is well suited for houses with vivid architecture, such as statement windows.

The tone-on-tone window trim adds texture and depth while outlining and accentuating your statement window frame, without drawing too much attention to your exterior windows. It is the best trim for houses that involve multiple tones and shades of colors.

Design Continuation

This form of window trim blends seamlessly with any design on the exterior of the house. Design continuation works well for mock Tudor style cladding and board and batten siding so that your windows do not disrupt any designs on the facade of your house.

Design continuation trim looks like it is part of the siding design on the facade of your house and creates a faultless finish helping your exterior windows to blend in. This type of window trim can complement a home with intricate siding designs better than any other trim.

Window Box Trim

This kind of exterior window trim gives you a box underneath your window for plants and flowers. This trim style is well suited to homes with a classic look, like cottages and farmhouses. When window box trim is added to cottages or farmhouses, it can create a quaint and cozy aesthetic.

When window box trim is added to stone or brick houses, this can create an old-fashioned charm in combination with more primitive building materials surrounding your exterior window trim. Window box trim has the most potential for personalization when choosing what plants you would like to pot in it.

To ensure your window box trim is durable, explore the possibility of using PVC trim for your window trim project, for a longer-lasting feature on your home that requires less maintenance.

Crosshatch Shutters

Crosshatch shutters are shutters that are attached to your exterior window trim which fold across your window panes to block out light. Crosshatch shutters can make for a classic or contemporary look, depending on what kind of design you are looking for.

Bland houses can be made far more vibrant with the use of crosshatch shutters to add texture and make your windows a statement feature on the facade of your home. Crosshatch shutters are the most practical addition to your window trim, adding both privacy and added protection from severe weather.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Postmodern Design

Exterior window trim in a postmodern design uses a mix and match of materials that aren’t traditionally compatible, for example using loud colors to contrast with a monochrome exterior. To enhance the use of postmodern exterior window trim, try matching it or contrasting it with your door trim.

Postmodern exterior window trim is a great way to spice up the exterior of your home and border your windows with a bright line. It works well with houses that already have postmodern features, or houses that are visually bland on the exterior.

Or if your house has a classic look and you hope to make it reflect your contemporary style. Postmodern window trim is a great way to do this. Postmodern exterior window trim is the best solution to add vibrant details to a drab exterior.

Monochrome Trim And Siding

Monochrome trim is where the exterior window trim, siding, and door trim match. The entire exterior of your home is in the same color. This style works great on classic homes, creating a sleek and stylish appeal.

This exterior window trim also works well on houses with an established monochrome look, such as an all-black exterior or an all-white exterior. A monochromatic facade creates one of the most sophisticated looks you can achieve with window trim.

Cottage-Style Trim

Cottage-style trim is an exterior window trim that protrudes at the top and bottom to create depth and character. This style works best for farmhouses, ranches, bungalows, and cottages. It adds depth to the windows with a structured border.

This type of exterior window trim is subtle and can add details and distinction to houses with character without being too visually distracting. This style of trim can enhance a classic overall look.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Segmented Frames Window Trim

Segmented frames trim is when exterior window trim surrounds a window with multiple frames. With this trim, you can use clean lines of framing to unify the segmented frames or make them appear more distinct and separate.

This works well for houses with segmented frames that you would like to make appear as one large window or multiple small windows.

This trim can make your home appear to have larger windows. If you want to create the illusion of one large window, it’s best to use a distinct color from the rest of your facade, as this will make the lines appear bolder. This is the best window trim to create the illusion of a large window or multiple sections of a window.

Substantial Trim

This type of trim is made from thicker material to add more dimension to your windows. It is thicker than the material used for trim on the rest of the facade. Substantial trim is great for framing the windows and making them an accent on the exterior of your house.

Substantial trim goes great with cladding on the exterior of a home to create a distinct break in the pattern. Substantial trim is the most suited to bright colors with a simple design and added dimension.

Flat Trim

Flat trim is the most simple window trim design; it is a thin and flat frame to your window. This kind of trim is great for houses in vibrant colors with various textures and features already installed.

This window trim is perfect for making your windows have a less glaring accent on the exterior of your home. This is because it is the most subtle and simple design of window trim.

Classic Flat White Trim

Classic flat white window trim is a trim made with a thin material and painted white. This type of trim is excellent for a classic and timeless look on the exterior of your home. You can choose warmer whites for a more comforting aesthetic, and cooler whites for a more fresh aesthetic.

White never goes out of style and suits all types of houses. According to theories about the color psychology of white, white is a color that can highlight areas, invokes feelings of peacefulness. White is a dazzling color, making these window trims the most eye-catching.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas


Choosing the right window trim for your home is essential to make sure your windows are in line with the aesthetic of the rest of your house. If your house lacks a dynamic exterior design, sticking with bold window trim can enhance your curb appeal. If your home is complete with existing trim and does not need extra styling, it’s best to stick to a simple trim.

All trims for exterior windows are available in PVC material, an excellent alternative to wood trim that doesn’t rot or age. If you’re looking to install window trim in PVC material, HB ELEMENTS is the way to go.

They can install window trim and other PVC components to complete your entire exterior, including millwork and molding, rafter tails, brackets, columns, louvers, pergolas, and trellises.

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