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Here are some of our previous works.


With the iconic tropical background of palm trees and pristine beaches, spanning highways and active boulevards, Florida homes stand out in elegance. West Indies and Keywest coastal style homes mixed with the contemporary architecture that features wood finishes and open floor plans. HB Elements compliments and adds to these designs with stand-out accents that highlight the alluring landscape.


Whether commercial or residential, construction in the Bahamas has defined architecture throughout the Carribean. The stunning mix of African and European inspiration has resulted in clapboard cottages, colonial-style homes, and modern villas– with each building design welcoming tropical breezes. HB Elements equips the architecture with touches that celebrate tradition and invite modernity.

South Carolina

South Carolina is the home of great southern plantations and low country cottages. With Victorian influenced detailing and inviting porches, the traditional home shines with just the right touches of finesse. With HB Elements products that honor and add to these designs, these modern homes are made complete with the welcoming air, so iconic to the South.


Georgia may be the Peach State, but it is also a Southern bell of architectural beauty. Small and square “shotgun” houses, cottage-like bungalows, and classic plantation farmhouses dot the landscape with charm. With high-quality construction materials that compliment these iconic designs, it is no wonder that the population sings of “Georgia on my mind.”


French creole architecture: the Louisiana-born style that combines colonial flavors with French elegance, and the bayu flavors on Southern living. Today mixed with modern touches, the designs feature abundant galleries, brood rooflines, and risen bases. HB Elements builds into these styles with quality durability that stands against natural elements; and with all the vibrant personality that marks this state’s swinging culture.