Hardie Boys is a proud American manufacturer that creates a variety of components that complete an entire exterior trim building system. A system comprised of PVC, creating Millwork and molding as well as brackets, rafter tails, columns, louvers and trellises. The beauty is not only in the products but in the story of the company and what it consists of. Our American dream, four brothers and a team of players from all over the world, each being an American citizen and loving the opportunity this country has given us.

Started in 1999 as siding installers, we found are niche in creating beautiful exteriors on Coastal, West Indies, Dutch Indies, Cape Cod, New England, Key west, Charleston Style, Spanish Mediterranean, Colonial, Low country, and Craftsmen style homes. These styles of architecture were something we fell in love with and learning and understanding the reasons for detailing was instrumental in our development. Our passion for creating and developing projects with and for our clients, Architects, and Builders will always be a source of pride.

We started as siding installers, but with these styles of homes all the soffit systems were typically tongue and groove with rafter tails, brackets, and patios with detailed columns with moldings and beams. Louvers and grill details always put a refined finishing touch to the looks of these very relaxed but elegant and welcoming Island style homes.

We are sons of a Chilean immigrant who came to America to visit his brother before he went to Vietnam to earn his right to be an American. Here in America he fell in love with our one and only. Our mother, a daughter of an American entrepreneur who raised us and put us to work in his factories which we grew up in. The blue-collar work ethic was something engrained in our lives, it was what we were taught from birth. Raised in a Methodist family we were taught morals to be honest and fair and treat others as we wanted to be treated. These are our ethics, to work hard, be fair, to never do wrong by someone in business and especially in life. Money was never our first priority but success has always been the driving force.

Our company’s employee’s come first, as they are the back bone and machine that drives us every day. We lead by example in every way we can, and believe we are only as good as our last job. As a company we strive for perfection on every project no matter the size or value. Every product we make is made in our Florida factory. All materials for our entire product line are comprised of American raw materials from California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio to name a few. We believe in being completely American made because of the value in those words alone.

We share the desire to create beautiful homes and have developed the ability to help others imagine and design the home of their dreams. We invite you to step inside our world. We hope to inspire you with our design elements and help you imagine, build and create the home of your dreams.