20 Mailbox Post Ideas To Try

Want to enhance the attractiveness of your home’s exterior? Here are 20 mailbox post ideas to inspire you and help you give your porch a makeover. Read now!

Mailboxes say a lot about a home and can enhance your curb appeal—providing an ornamental feature in your front yard. They are the perfect functional and decorative addition to your home.

But what type of mailbox post should you choose? There are many options available, and looking for inspiration can help you find the perfect fit.

Keep reading as we explore 20 mailbox post ideas for you to consider when crafting your new mailbox. At HB ELEMENTS, we offer many gorgeous solutions for your home’s exterior—making your home the envy of all your neighbors. Check out our services today to begin your home upgrade journey.

How To Construct Your Custom Mailbox Post

Constructing your custom mailbox post requires a focus on two different elements—the aesthetic of your home’s exterior and the aesthetic of your mailbox. To choose the most suitable mailbox post, you must ensure it matches the materials surrounding it. Once you’ve chosen the perfect design, you can go right ahead and start installing it

You might also consider whether you’d prefer a mailbox built into your wall or gate, which requires a slightly different approach.

To construct a custom mailbox post, consider the material you want, such as metal, wood, or PVC. You should also consider the color you want and any coatings you wish to use to protect the post from weather conditions.

20 Best Mailbox Post Ideas

Ready to find your dream mailbox post? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Simple Mailbox Post

A simple mailbox post is very versatile and can be the perfect complement to a more grandiose mailbox design. Keeping it minimalistic with a simple circular mailbox post allows for easy repainting and refinishing, too. Never underestimate the power of simplicity when it comes to design.

Classic White Mailbox Post

White mailbox posts can create a clean and polished look for your home’s exterior—so long as you keep them clean and well-maintained! This classic design is perfect for a family-style home or a classic look. If you don’t want to make the wrong choice and need a versatile design, you can’t go wrong with this traditional white mailbox post.

Horseshoe Mailbox Post

A horseshoe mailbox post is a creative, unique mailbox makeover—perfect for farm or equestrian properties. This could be a great DIY mailbox project for the handy homeowner. Simply weld your horseshoes together to create your new mailbox post. Paired with a wooden mailbox, this idea can be a rustic and stylish choice.

Mailbox With Mixed Greens and Flowers

Want a lush exterior aesthetic for your home? You’ll love this mailbox with mixed greens and flowers. Fill the flower pots with your favorite hanging plants and colorful flowers to create a vibrant lush aesthetic for your mailbox. This is one of the best mailbox ideas for a quaint cottage or family-style home and creates a warm and welcoming look.

Modern Wood Mailbox Post

A modern wood look mailbox post involves a wooden post with a minimalist and contemporary structure. This design would suit a current glass-front property or a minimalist home design. This is an exquisite choice and can elevate your home decor.

Classic Black Mailbox Post With a Stone Planter

You can’t go wrong with this mailbox design—it is extremely versatile and suits most exterior aesthetics. You can use the stone planter to house your favorite herbs, plants, or flowers. How you choose to fill the flower pot can drastically impact its aesthetic. For instance, tropical plants could be perfect for a villa-style home, or ivy for a more gothic or antiquated aesthetic.

Fancy Mailbox Post

Fancy mailbox posts are well-suited to a decadent and antiquated home exterior. They can create a stately feel, especially with a gilded mailbox design. The solid structure is adorned with gilded metal elements, creating an extremely traditional mailbox reminiscent of European estates.

Copper Mailbox Post

A copper mailbox post isn’t the best choice for a low-maintenance mailbox as it can be prone to rust and discoloration. However, a copper post can complement an old mailbox, wooden mailbox, or flamboyant mailbox, adding an elegant metallic twist. You can use copper paint to reduce the potential for staining and rust, ensuring the metal does not become green over time.

Vintage Mailbox Post

A vintage mailbox post is perfect for a gothic or classic home. You can even paint it to create a distinct and unique look. Metal vintage mailbox posts are perfect for any home decor and are very sturdy—so long as you keep your post refreshed with paint and maintenance, you can enjoy it for many years.

White Granite Mailbox Post

A white granite mailbox post is perfect for modern and classic homes, creating an elevated feel with rich and luxurious materials. A minimalist granite design exudes wealth and is tasteful, perfect for modernizing your yard or complementing a modern home exterior.

House-shaped Mailbox Post

A house-shaped mailbox post is a quirky and fun mailbox for your yard. You can even create a DIY mailbox post replica of your home, incorporating your house number into the design. This can be the perfect group activity for families, and the result will make your home more unique and memorable.

Industrial-style Mailbox Post

Industrial designs are hot right now, and you can use industrial-style mailbox ideas to give your home a more earthy and chic feel. You can even create a DIY mailbox post with old pipes and joints, using the opportunity for creativity and design. This type of mailbox post suits homes with rustic wooden exteriors, such as cabins and clad homes.

Mailbox Post With Stone and a Lamp

A stone post is perfect for a ranch-style home or cabin, making your front yard feel more connected with nature. The lamp in this design also ensures that your mailbox can be seen in the darker hours while lighting the path to your home for a safe return home in the dark. Robbers are also less likely to target well-lit homes, so this mailbox post could be a beneficial security investment!

Newspaper Mailbox Post

Do you still receive your daily newspaper? This newspaper mailbox post comes with a newspaper slot so that your papers stay dry—which is great if you live in a rainy area. You can use a newspaper barrel add-on for a mailbox makeover, attaching it to your existing post with a plant pot.

Wood Mailbox Post

A wood mailbox post creates a rustic and earthy feel for your home’s exterior, especially when the wood grain is visible. You can opt for many types of wood with different stains to create different aesthetics for your wooden mailbox.

Wood and Concrete Mailbox Post

Concrete can complement a modern home aesthetic, particularly when paired with wood. This wood and concrete mailbox post is a great idea for a simple and clean look. You can easily create this design or play with DIY concrete mailbox ideas to get creative with your front yard.

Wood Mailbox Post With a Hanging Planter

A wood mailbox with a hanging planter is a botanical twist on a classic wooden mailbox post. If you want to create a more inviting and homely design for your mailbox, a wooden post with a hanging planter is a great idea.

Branch Mailbox Post With a Street Lamp

A branch mailbox post is a natural and rustic idea for your home. You can even incorporate a street lamp to add to the gothic aesthetic. Fairy lights and outdoor lanterns can be hung from the branches for a quaint woodland aesthetic. This design is ideal for cottages, vintage homes, and farms.

Vintage Western-style Mailbox Post

Are you looking to create a ranch aesthetic for your home? This vintage western-style mailbox post is a perfect idea. It is simple and rustic and adds warmth to your outdoor space. It’s worth considering this design for your farmhouse or equestrian facility!

Traditional Two-mailbox Post

If you live in a multifamily estate, a traditional two-mailbox post might be the best solution for you. You can house two sets of mail without investing in two different posts. Get the most out of your outdoor hardware by using this two-for-one solution.


Planning your outdoor space can be fun—there are plenty of creative and beautiful designs to choose from. Choosing a design that blends well with the rest of your home is essential. After browsing this selection of mailbox ideas, create a shortlist of considerations and start evaluating the price range and design features to choose the right post.At HB ELEMENTS, we can help you realize your vision for your home’s exterior. We offer exterior millwork, cladding, and mailboxes for your home, helping you to improve your curb appeal! Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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