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Can you spray paint wood? Avoid these mistakes

can you spray paint wood

Can you breathe new life into a faded dresser or a peeling wooden chair? A new coat of paint can make your wooden furniture and exterior wood look like new!

You can also add modern twists such as pastel colors or unique designs to suit your home and your personality.

But, where would you start when beginning a project like this? It’s not as easy as spraying paint over wooden furniture, as key preparation and important tools are necessary.

Painting wood furniture can turn an old, tired piece of furniture into something exciting and desirable! However, with the right information, you can spray paint wood like an expert!

Choose the best spray paint wood for your wood surface and follow our steps to spray paint wood furniture!

Our expert guide will tell you everything you need to know to avoid mistakes when spraying painting wood. Find out more about how you can make improvements to your home through the HB ELEMENTS Inc blog!

What Is the Purpose of Spray Painting Wood?

When spray painting wood, you can achieve a smooth and flawless finish and rejuvenate the wood.

Perhaps you love upcycling worn-out wooden tables, chairs, and dressers? Or maybe you want to invigorate your outside decking area, just in time for summer?

Just spray painting your exterior soffits can achieve a modern twist for your home. You can also add louvers and grilles to your home to add bespoke features. Spraying painting louvers in modern colors will increase your property’s curb appeal tenfold.

You could even spray paint your whole house if you want to!

Whatever wood you want to spray paint, a good preparation routine is key to a good paint job. The actual spray painting process is simple and quick, whilst zero brush marks are present in the finished look.

can you spray paint woodCan I Spray Paint Wood?

You can spray paint wood and achieve a professional finish! However, the level of preparation you use will determine how perfect the results are.

Adopting the right approach can be the determining factor between an effortless, flawless result and a messy, sticky finish.

Krylon spray paint is a good choice to spray paint furniture, although you should avoid painting antique furniture.

You could choose to stain your wood to avoid spray painting mistakes if you want to achieve a timeless look. You will need to use a paintbrush to paint stain into the wood, using smooth strokes in the same direction as the grain.

Do You Need a Primer?

You don’t need a primer to spray paint wood, although it does depend on the type of wood and the condition of the wood.

Many novice DIYers may assume that a primer is required before painting any type of surface. Whilst primers can be good for some types and conditions of wood, they are not necessary for every instance.

If your wood is unsealed and does not have any gloss or peeling present, you can begin spray painting. Although, using a primer may provide your wood with a smoother base. It is recommended to choose a good primer, even if your wood doesn’t necessarily need it.

Using a primer may add a layer of protection to your wood after the spray paint has been applied. It may prevent the wood from becoming discolored later on, or prematurely peeling.

A great option to use is a spray primer, providing you with a quick and easy way to prime your wood. There are also 2 in 1 primer and paint options available which may save you time and money.

However, generally, the older the wood the more preparation is required. If you do decide to spray paint your wood without a primer and then regret the decision, all is not lost!

You will need to remove and sand down the wood to eliminate all traces of the spray paint and start the process again. Wood is a fantastic material to work with due to its versatility and adaptability!

How to Spray Paint Wood

Follow our easy steps to spray paint wood correctly!

1. Purchase High-Quality Paint, Primer, Sealant, and Painting Tools

A workman is only as good as his tools! Choosing to purchase high-quality tools and equipment will provide you with the best chance of achieving a flawless finish.

You will first need to choose your spray paint. What color do you want to paint your wood? Do you want a glossy or matt finish?

Choosing a variety of samples from your local hardware store is the perfect way to decide which color and finish you want to achieve. You could test the samples in an inconspicuous location on your chosen wood to assess the effect you would achieve with the paint.

You should then choose a primer and a sealant that are compatible with the paint you have chosen. How do they react together? Are there any better options, such as an all-in-one spray paint that acts as a primer and a sealant also?

There are so many options available so try out the entire range and discover the products that meet your needs!

You must also discover which painting tools you will need. Are you going to spray paint straight from the can, or are you going to use a spray gun?

A spray gun can provide a more even finish and is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you are spray painting more than one item.

can you spray paint wood

2. Prepare Location or Item for Painting

Preparing the area where you are going to complete the spray painting is an important task. You will need to choose a well-ventilated space, preferably outside. Spray paint will emit fumes and so protecting your own health is vital.

Place newspaper or old sheets down in the location where the spray painting will directly take place. This will protect the ground that you are working on.

If you are painting exterior wood, you will need to clean the area thoroughly and let it dry.

3. Wear Appropriate Painting Clothes, Goggles, and Gloves

You will need to protect yourself from the spray paint, also. Wearing old clothing will ensure that the spray paint never leaks on your favorite jumper or shoes!

You must also wear goggles to protect your eyes. This is vitally important as spray paint can cause considerable damage to your eyes if an accident occurs. The fumes emitted from the spray paint can also irritate your eyes and make them sore.

4. Sand the Surface With 120 Grit Sandpaper

What finish will you achieve if your wood is rough and coarse? A rough and coarse paint job! Sanding the wood with 120 grit sandpaper will provide your wood with a smooth surface, aiding a smooth end finish.

Try to use smooth strokes when sanding the wood, following the grain and paying respect to the curves and edges.

This step is particularly important if the wood has previously been glossed, painted, or varnished. You will need to remove all traces of previous coats with the sandpaper.

5. Fill In Any Holes With Wood Putty

Over time, your wood may suffer from chips or warps. Fill in any unsightly holes or scratches with wood putty, making sure that you achieve a smooth finish.

Leaving the holes as they are when you paint will make your end product look untidy, and will allow the paint to collect in the gaps. This may then leak out when you are unaware and cause drip marks to your wood.

A smooth surface will ensure that the best possible end product is achieved.

6. Sand the Surface

Once you have used wood putty, sand the surface once again. You need to make sure that the areas you have filled with wood putty are completely seamless with the rest of the wood.

Use smooth strokes and adhere to the grain of the wood. Smooth wood is easily achievable with enough elbow grease and determination!

7. Clean the Surface

Sanding wood can cause sawdust to accumulate around the wood itself. If you paint straight onto the wood without cleaning away the sawdust, you will achieve an uneven finish.

Take a damp cloth and wipe the wood thoroughly to clean away the sawdust. You will then need to let the wood dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

8. Apply a Primer

A primer is not always needed for wood, although it is recommended. If the wood is particularly worn or tired, a primer can rejuvenate the surface.

You can purchase a spray paint primer, if that is your preferred method of choice. Or you can choose to use a traditional primer and apply it to the wood with a paintbrush. It does not matter which type of primer you use, you can still use spray paint afterward.

Check out the 2-in-1 paint and primers available, enabling you to prime the wood and paint the wood in just one coat. These products may be more expensive as a stand-alone product, although you will save time and effort and will not need to allow drying time for the primer.

9. Let the Primer Dry Between Coats

Once a primer has been applied, you will no doubt feel excited that your wood is taking shape! It can be easy to rush for the spray paint immediately.

However, allowing the primer to dry in full is required before taking the next step.

If you do not allow the primer to dry in full, it may react differently to the paint and the overall finish may be affected.

You may decide to paint two coats of primer onto your wood, depending on the condition and preparation of the wood. Ensure to allow the primer to dry fully in between each coat that you apply.

10. Spray Paint the Wood

You are now ready to spray paint the wood! Hopefully, you will have thoroughly tested the spray paint previously. Test the spray paint on a scrap of wood to assess the amount of pressure you need to apply.

Maintain a clear distance away from the wood, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to spray paint in a well-ventilated room, or preferably outside. You need to fully protect your eyes, and you could also wear a mask across your mouth and nose.

If you choose to apply a second coat of spray paint, allow the wood to fully dry in between each coat.

11. Apply Sealer

Once the spray paint is fully dry, you may choose to apply a sealer. A sealer will protect the paint and the wood and help the paint job to last longer. You may find that a second paint job may not be needed for a very long time.

It can also add a layer of waterproofing, which is particularly important for exterior wood.

can you spray paint wood


To spray paint wood furniture, you need to choose the best spray paint wood surface available. High-quality spray paints can make painted wood look smooth and flawless.

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