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Rafter tails

Wooden rafter tails are impervious to mildew, rot, moisture, cracking, warping, and insects or pests. The life cycle of our PVC rafter tails is a lifetime. Read more to find out what makes Hardie Boys so durable.

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Rafters (9)- Ultimate Guide 6

The use of PVC rafter tails is the perfect way to emulate traditional timber frame construction. Rafter tails are the exposed exterior portion of a building’s wood structural truss that projects beyond the perimeter wall of the structure. Find out what exactly rafter tails are as well as how to paint and install them.

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pvc louvers stained for home exterior | Hardie Boys

Homeowners across Florida are now opting for louvers for balcony, porch, and window installations. These features are an adaptation of the classic English colonial style and are perfect for Florida’s tropical climate. Read more to understand the benefits of louvers!

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