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Eave vs Soffit

Eave vs Soffit: What Is the Difference?

Meta Description: Are eaves and soffits the same thing? Eaves and soffits are commonly confused. Learn how to differentiate between both of them in this expert guide. In a nutshell, eaves and soffits refer to the part of the roof that...

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How to Paint a Ceiling

How To Paint a Ceiling
Did you know that expert decorators class your ceiling as a fifth wall? Achieving a flawless finish will determine the success of your whole paint job, brightening up your whole space. Painting a ceiling is not as easy as it looks!...

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How to Update Front Porch Columns

Structural support beams can serve as an additional architectural feature in your home. Available in many materials and styles, you can use porch columns and porch column wraps to make your home more visually appealing and improve curb appeal.

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