A Soffit Ceiling System For Your Home

A soffit system, or soffit ceiling, is inclusive of several components: a fascia, soffit material, covering to prevent exposure to elements, aluminum paneling, cement fiber, wood, and stucco. It also includes a frieze board and, in some architectural styles, a rafter tail and frieze board.

What is a soffit ceiling?

A soffit refers to the visible underside of an eave, roof overhang or any architectural element; a ceiling, on the other hand, is technically the uppermost surface. Taking these two definitions into account, the soffit ceiling is an aesthetically beautiful finish to the “technical” ceiling, which covers any tubing or unattractive structural elements and instead creates a uniform and pristine visible image.

What do HB soffit ceilings include?

Hardie Boys hand crafts its soffits with a system of decorative elements that create a durable and lovely finish. The exact materials included depend upon the specific need and architectural style desired; however, all systems include soffit panelsor tongue and groove, fascia, frieze board, and rafter tails. Ceilings are comprised of tongue and groove in pieces or panels as well as beams, perimeter trims, and crown molding.

Are HB soffit ceilings suitable to any architectural style?

Yes. HB soffit systems are customizable and tailor-made to fit the exact dimensions, styles, colors, and designs required. We manufacture smooth, v-groove, and nickel joint panels; and as well the accompanying touches of frieze boards and rafter tails to fit the exact taste of the builder or owner. So, no matter the architectural style and design idea, HB soffit systems can provide a secure and beautiful finishing touch.