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Why Choose PVC Trim Instead of Wood Custom Exterior Trim

PVC Trim Instead of Wood Custom Exterior Trim on a home

Modern home builders have the chance to avoid using wood in the exterior finishing and instead use PVC Trim. This is because these modern materials have proved they can last much longer that wood.
Whether you are building a new house or refurbishing an old one, you have a chance to put vibrant finishing touches using custom exterior PVC millwork. We have a range of modern materials for home exterior railings, brackets, moldings and other exterior trim applications.

We are converts of using PVC instead of wood finishing because of the following key reasons

•Longevity. Wood is great and has served us for many decades. But let’s be honest, it has not been the best of materials to plan a long life housing plan. This is because after a few years, the wood will split, rot or break and there will be need to replace it. Old grown wood was able to withstand 200 years of all weather season but not today’s wood. Though pricier wood like mahogany or cedar may not rot, it splits or cracks when exposed to different weather temperatures. PVC trim is a lifetime investment that will outlast the rest of your house. It does not crack, split or rot like wood. These new modern materials are also insect resistant; you won’t have to deal with termite infestation in your custom exterior millwork.

•Maintenance. For most homeowners, one of the most appealing reasons for choosing PVC is the zero maintenance costs. Unlike wood, which needs to be repaired or repainted every 5 years, PVC millwork needs no attention after the installation and painting. Painting PVC takes several days to dry but after it’s fully dried, it will not crack or peel the way wood surfaces behave. You only need to repaint if you want to alter the color.

•Versatility. PVC trim allows you to get some modern designs unlike wood. These manmade materials allow more creativity for different shapes and surfaces. PVC comes in wide format sheets that allow cuts to be made in a way that it is methandienone not possible with wood. PVC makes wall panels or post wraps without the need for traditional joinery.

•Cost effectiveness. PVC is not cheaper than wood but its more cost effective! This is because even if the price of PVC is on par with the highest quality wood, it has zero maintenance costs. The best think about PVC is an upfront investment that will pay itself over time!

•Economical – less wastes. PVC can be manipulated to form different designs ensuring there is minimal waste than wood. Unlike wood, PVC does not have grain direction making it the best product to work with.

Take home

Opting for PVC trim over wood gives the builders and homeowners the flexibility to upgrade their overall home designs. You cannot afford to continue with the traditional materials when there are new ones offering you greater advantages. Make the switch today! The PVC custom exterior millwork is a smart investment that will last you a lifetime!