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PVC Trim and Molding Excellent for both Interior and Exterior Finishing

PVC is naturally white in color making it an excellent choice for trim both in the interior and exterior of homes. White color contrasts well with dark colors and it’s easier to keep it clean. Its greatest advantage is the lack of need to paint it. Painting is only encouraged as a plus to its durability and prevention from weathering effects.

PVC trim is commonly used in the:

  • Window and door surrounds
  • Deck skirting
  • Fascia and soffit trim
  • Porch ceilings
  • Corner boards
  • Column and post wraps
  • Architectural moldings
  • Groove wall paneling

More contractors, homeowners and builders are warming up to the idea of using PVC in both interior and exterior finishing. The one reason causing this change of mind is the growing available designs and styles available for modern housing. Manufacturers have also made it favorable by producing a variety of moldings alongwith bead board, pre-made corners and sheet goods making it easy to work with. More manufacturers are now coming up with interior PVC because there is a lot of potential in the market.

Why use PVC in the interior of a house?

1.It has moisture barrier. The one strong reason why PVC is a great interior finishing is the fact that it has a moisture barrier. It has strong immunity against water thus making it a natural choice for trimming around bathtubs, sinks and showers. PVC trims and moldings are used indoors to create half wall wainscoting or full length panels. It is possible to bring this trim all the way to the floor deck without worrying about water getting into the boards. We also use it to trim out windows and mirrors leaving a beautiful finish inside as well as the outside.

2.For a consistent look. A uniform look on both the exterior and interior withPVC trim is what has pushed many homeowners to seek it. The outside draws you to want to live in that home but the inside might be a turn off. Using the PVC on the interior leaves a consistent look that is definitely attractive to many.

3.No expansion or contraction in extreme weather. High humidity causescontraction and expansion in wood trim even when used indoors. PVC when used either indoors and outdoors does not go through the expansion or contraction process. This is because in most homes the temperature different between summer and winter is about 10 degrees that the PVC can withstand. The technique to install the PVC trim ensures there is no shifting due to weather change. For example, the interior trim runs on tends to be shorter than the exterior runs leaving room for no movement. Long interior trim pieces can also be detailed to hide any movement. For example Verticaltongue and groove boards can cover the faces of a 10 foot wall. Any unforeseen movement can be hidden by a crown molding placed at the ceiling.

We have several homes we have used the form free PVC in the interior and exterior.The advantages are obvious, the more reason we want to keep doing it.