Modern villas, clapboard cottages, and colonial homes are all staples of the architecture quintessential to the Caribbean. Stemming from the Bahamas, these designs are marked by impressive exterior millwork. The styles of both homes and commercial buildings in this region are built to accompany their breezy and tropical environment; the decorative millwork that surrounds doors, windows, porches, and other key structures works to join modern elegance with traditional beauty. HB Elements designs and custom creates exterior millwork in the Bahamas that— in addition to its superior aesthetics— provides a low-maintenance and long-lasting alternative to the traditional materials that easily rot in the wet climate.

Rafter Tails

An element both structural and aesthetic, HB Elements Rafter Tails extend beyond the perimeter wall of a structure to protect and uphold the outer edges of the roofing. They form a key component of the soffit system (see below), and add a lovely finish to the exposed exterior of the building.  PVC Rafter Tails provide a low-maintenance and lifelong alternative to their traditional timber counterparts more easily molded to fit the exact model desired, with more ease of install for any builder, and also more resistant against wear and natural elements.

Louvers - Grilles

Louvers, or Grilles, block out rain and sun while still allowing open airflow. They are also aesthetically pleasing, with a slanted slat design that works as a lovely architectural touch. Providing a cool shadow in hot environments, they are also popular as privacy screens and decorative walls in entertaining areas.


PVC Column Wraps differ from traditional columns, adding to them the physical beauty and protective durability they otherwise lack. Traditional columns are stone, wood, or aluminum structural elements that support the building; PVC Column Wraps are generally 4-sided, hollow structures tailored to fit around the structural column. HB Elements creates each column wrap with high-quality and long-lasting PVC, customizable to any architectural style and uncompromisingly low-maintenance.


PVC Brackets are decorative detailing elements, created for a variety of purposes in architecture and design. They are a low-maintenance replacement to traditional wood brackets, which are much more difficult to both install and protect against pests, rot, and decay. HB Elements creates PVC Brackets for any architectural style, complimenting everything from small beachy cottages to high-rise boardwalk condominiums.

Soffit Systems

A soffit refers to the visible underside of any Perimeter eave or overhang of a home. A soffit trim detail with tongue and groove, with beams and moldings is an aesthetically beautiful finish to the technical ceiling. This will, cover any tubing or unattractive structural elements, and instead create a uniform and pristine visible image. The soffit system includes soffit V groove panels or tongue and groove, fascia, frieze board, and all customizable to the exact dimensions and aesthetic tastes desired.


The perfect outdoor entertaining space. HB Elements Pergolas come in an easy-to-install package that is either free-standing or structured with a wall-mounted bracket. With a variety of styles and forms, a pergola can fit into any home or commercial site; and with durable and low-maintenance PVC material, they provide the perfect balance of elegance and function.