Home Builder Testimonial on the Effectiveness of HB Elements Exterior Millwork Products

pvc columns and louvers

HB Elements are the go-to manufacturers if you need a new home exterior millwork products made from durable PVC.

We called in HB Elements early before we could experiment with other exterior building materials. We had read quite a lot about them and seen pictures of their finished products. We wanted to see if this PVC truly works. All we can say is deep awe settled in us after we worked with this dedicated team.

Step by step actions from the time we first spoke to them

• Step 1: When we called in HB Elements, they quickly came over to our house and had a look at it. We shared with them a couple of ideas that we wanted our home to carry. A few days later they came back with a beautiful set of drawings that we discussed and settled on a few customizations.

• Step 2: Customizations – HB Elements’ customization is done via a specialized card system and sharp drawings. Once they showed us their drawings we agreed on a few tweaks and sent them back for customization. Once customized, we approved them in readiness for Production.

• Step 3: Production – Once we settled on all the details, production began. In a few days, a trailer full of superior products showed up in our home ready to undertake the work. Within one week all the work was completed.

• Step 4: Installation – HB Elements are great at what they do because they produce customized products easy to install. There is no cutting, shaping, or adjusting done on-site. All these things happen at their factory where the customization is done. They delivered finished products on site ready to install them. This cuts down on many steps we would have gone through if we had considered wood over PVC.

• Step 5: Painting – The PVC exterior millwork came ready for painting. Because of its smooth texture in nature, it only required the basic primer and final coat. We did not have to spend too much on paint unlike if we had chosen to work with wood.

• Step 6: Final product – We cannot even begin to tell you how the final product looked after the work was done. HB Elements’ work speaks for itself. You might think the images on their website are not real but from my experience, they are real. My home is one of those images they showcase on their website. It is real, it is possible and most of all it is durable!


HB Elements are professionals in their field of exterior millwork! They will go the extra mile to ensure they give you services and products that last you a lifetime.

They are highly effective in their services right from the moment you place a call to them to the last day they complete the work. I would hire them again and again as well as refer all my friends to get their home’s exterior finishing done by HB Elements.