Team HB Elements

HB Elements Launches a New Factory to Meet Surge of Building Demand

HB Elements are here to stay and transform the modern home exterior industry! It is evident now more than ever that a company is built on dedication, hard work, and faith. We are proud to say the past years have seen a lot of that. As brothers, we are passionate about what we do and are not about to stop anytime.

Amid the unstable and unprecedented economic times of corona lockdowns, we leaped in our faith and opened 2 new factories. This can only speak of one thing – dedication. No matter the seasons faced, we chose to put all our eggs in one basket and focus on what we have built from scratch.

What does this expansion mean?

We are growing:

When we look back at where we began it is evident we have grown and can no longer fit in the same space. Getting 2 new factories that are 4 times the size of what we previously had is pretty amazing. We can only imagine how many homes we will put outstanding exterior touches using this immense space. We pretty much feel this is the beginning of the rest of our lives where we will meet more of our customer’s needs. Our goal is to reach as many customers, manufacture as many high-quality orders, and break through to new levels we have not been before.

We are continuously improving and making things better.

Having moved from 3,500 square feet to 13,000 square feet, our dreams are well covered. We are free to dream big without feeling hindered by the space that we use to create our imaginations. We feel enabled to create a more durable PVC exterior trim building system without stopping. Our company employees come first and it’s our joy to give them ample working space to execute their work better. A bigger space means it’s safer, less cluttered and there is better movement. This has been our dream for a long time now. Finally, our employees can enjoy all that in our new factories.

We are ready for new beginnings.

As we settle in, our great estambition is to reach more customers than we ever did since we openedour doors. Every one of our products is made from American raw materials- Texas, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania just to name a few. We believe in using American materials to create American quality products. Our greatest desire is to create beautiful long-lasting homes and fulfill the dreams of our customers. We strive to make sure that
every home we touch becomes a testimonial of what we are capable of doing. Our biggest advertisement lies in the many homes we have worked on in the past years. We cannot even begin to tell you how happy we are to have a happy clientele.

We invite you to step inside our world. Here, we will inspire you with our design elements to help you imagine, build and create the home of your dreams. Our business is making your dreams come true!