Lauderdale Yacht Club Testimonial

vinyl pergolas held with vinyl columns

When two same passions collide, all they can produce is nothing but the best! This is our testimonial for the Lauderdale Yacht Club. This clubhouse is now a perfect retreating area for our members to enjoy with its unique architectural look. The Lauderdale Yacht Club is located at 1725 SE 12th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 and is a club ran by it’s members focused on a family friendly environment.

Our leadership and the building committee were the heads of our discussion. We wanted to get something that would last a long time without much maintenance. This was our way of cutting down operational expenses. Yet, we wanted something out of this world when it comes to design and materials used.

Quality work and excellent customer service will always win

We wanted a clubhouse that could stand strong for the next 100 years. We were all about quality and durability. We needed that touch on both exterior and interior. Something that could stand out to every visitor who walked in through our doors. And we got exactly that! HB Elements products were a mention so many times in our discussions. We just had to check them out!

When we placed a call to these guys, they came in promptly and met with our design team. Both teams were able to go through tons of options and developments. HB Elements took our ideas and did their layouts. They presented them in 3D formats that convinced the building committee these were the guys to work with.

A wide range of products

When we thought about the ceiling, someone suggested the HB Elements tongue and groove product. We learned that these manufacturers have a variety of decorative millwork components for the exterior of your home.
Their product line includes:

With our ceiling installed, it could never look any better. Everything from the crown molding to the groove tongue and the custom beams was all perfectly done. All the joints were well hidden beneath the beams with all the corner gaps concealed with crown molding.

When we thought of refurbishing the clubhouse, our main goal was to have a building with the least maintenance. We never wanted wood or anything that could rust or rot. We wanted to keep the design simple, classic and modern – that’s what HB Elements did.

Our ceiling looks like wood but no, it is not anywhere near wood. One visitor asked me what we were thinking of when we chose wood on our exterior. That was our proud moment to introduce them to HB Elements durable products.

All the work done here at the clubhouse was made possible by the passion that HB Elements have for their products. This passion drives them to ensure their clients are satisfied with the final products they present to them.

Need we say more, HB Elements are not just passionate; they know their way around their products. Their goal is to modernize home exteriors with long-lasting finishes that will last for generations. What a legacy they are building!